Frugal Tips

Today is the first of many posts.  Each week I’ll give you three money saving tips.  Todays tips are:  #1  Use a clean terry cloth (such as a face cloth) that you designate for laundry alone.  Dampen the cloth and add about a teaspoon of liquid fabric softener.  Toss in when drying laundry.  Every few loads Just dampen the cloth again and it should last for 4 to 5 loads before adding more softener.  #2  To cut drying times put a clean dry hand towel in with drying laundry and you cut the time down it takes to finish drying.  #3  The manufacturers of laundry soap have you using way to much detergent so you run out and go buy more.  You can cut the amount of detergent by a third and still get clothes clean.  Too much soap will fade colors faster than needed.  Well, there you have it my first post on my blog.  This is a learning experience so please grade me on a curve.


Coming Soon!

Living a frugal lifestyle while working to become debt free.  All with a thankful and generous heart.  I think we can learn from each other.